The service at Mallorca is always impeccable!

Once seated, drink orders are solicited, menus proffered and orders are taken in good order. Food then comes fast and furious! Our team service is an efficient cadre of waiters will keep the kitchen door swinging. But once the food is on your table, we pull the European trick of all but ignoring you, unless of course you glance our way!

We even wait for you to ask for the check; the standard custom in most European countries is not to serve the check like an edict to vacate, but to wait until the diner requests it.

Mallorca is considered by many executives as the best place in town to take out of town guests. One of 4 different rooms can be reserved for your graduation, bachelor or bachelorette, birthday, and company parties. When you celebrate or meet at Mallorca, we treat you like the Royal Family.

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